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Nagoya Woman Arrested Selling Manuals to Defraud “Sugar Daddies”

Sugar Daddies

Woman Arrested for Selling Manuals to Scam Sugar Daddies It seems that every few weeks brings with it a strange story out of the online dating scam world. Today’s story is certainly a bit unexpected. A woman in Nagoya, Japan, was recently arrested after being suspected of selling a guide helping people to defraud “sugar …

Philadelphia Woman Loses $450K in “Pig Butchering” Romance Scam

Romance Scam

Most people are fairly familiar with the existence of romance scams. These often follow a typical pattern with someone professing their love for you before requesting money to help them with emergency weeks or months later. However, a new type of romance scam known as “pig butchering” is beginning to get more attention. Learn about …

Massachusetts Man Gets Sentenced to 4 Years in Online Dating Scam

Online Dating Scam

Man Steals Millions through Online Dating Scam; Sentenced to Prison A recent sentencing hearing in Boston federal court saw a Massachusetts man sentenced to four and a half years in prison for his role in coordinating an online dating scam that led to stealing over $8 million from hundreds of different victims. A look into …