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Lawsuit Alleges Fake Users Leveraged to Trick Match Customers

Match Group

A recent lawsuit filed by Corwin Law, a Florida-based consumer advocacy group accuses Match Group, owners of and a variety of other online dating sites, of using deceptive business practices in order to promote known scams and convince customers to sign up for paid versions of accounts. This allegation brings up disturbing concerns about …

Match Group Announces Q3 Results In Its Letter To Shareholders

Match Group

In a public letter to their shareholders, Match Group revealed their financial highlights and discussed what this means for their properties. Match Group is an Internet and technology company that owns 45 dating sites all over the world, including, Hinge, PlentyOfFish, OkCupid and Tinder. The news seems to be good. Of course, we should consider …

Tinder Faces New Class Action Lawsuit in Canada


Tinder and its parent company Match Group have recently had a lawsuit filed against them. The plaintiffs argue that app is practicing age-related discrimination and deliberately manipulates the site’s algorithm to favor people who have subscriptions. Whilst it is understandable that Tinder would want to offer paying users the best possible experience to incentivize others …