US warns About Eight Suspicious Deaths in Colombia Linked to Dating Apps Usage

Dating Apps

The US Embassy has recently raised alarms over eight suspicious deaths in Colombia, highlighting the risks associated with the use of online dating apps. These incidents, occurring in areas like Medellin, Bogota, and Cartagena, have sparked concerns among US citizens and foreign visitors. The embassy warns that criminals use dating apps not only to lure victims but also for potential robbery and violence. This cautionary advice comes in the wake of 2023 reports indicating an unsettling trend of suspicious deaths linked to dating apps.

What is the Issue with Dating Apps in Colombia? 

Colombia has seen a surge in the use of online dating applications, particularly in urban centres like Bogota and Medellin. The online dating scene is vibrant, yet increasingly perilous, as criminals use the apps to lure unsuspecting individuals.

The US Embassy in Bogotá has issued multiple warnings about the risks associated with using dating apps. These alerts stress the dangers of being robbed or even killed by Colombian dates met online, especially in cities known for civil unrest.

While online dating is a popular method for connecting with locals and other travellers, the US Embassy in Colombia cautions about the misuse of these platforms. Several of the deaths reported involve the use of online platforms, urging users to remain vigilant.

Dating Apps

How are Suspicious Deaths Connected to Dating Apps? 

In 2023, Colombia witnessed an alarming trend of suspicious deaths, particularly in cities like Medellin and Bogota. Investigations reveal that these fatalities often involved the use of online dating apps, with victims usually being foreign visitors or US citizens.

The common pattern in these incidents involves criminals using dating apps to lure victims. Embassy reports indicate that unsuspecting individuals are enticed into dangerous situations, which sometimes result in robbery, drug overdose, or worse.

Medellin, known for its lively dating scene, has become a hotspot for such tragedies. US Embassy warnings highlight several cases where individuals were lured via dating apps and even killed. The circumstances often involve drugs or violent confrontations.

What is the Concern Raised by the State Department?

The State Department has raised concerns about the increasing involvement of criminals using dating apps. These entities often masquerade as genuine daters, only to later assault and rob their victims. Embassy in Bogota cautions against trusting profiles without proper verification.

During the third trimester of 2023, Colombia saw a significant rise in such incidents compared to the previous year. Security alerts have been issued, especially in areas of high tourist activity like Cartagena and Bogota, where online dating apps are commonly used.

The State Department has specifically highlighted the violent deaths of foreign visitors in Colombia. These warnings underscore the dangers of using dating apps in Colombia without adequate safety measures, emphasizing the need for increased awareness and caution.

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What Measures Should Visitors Take When Using Dating Apps in Colombia? 

The US Embassy advises foreign visitors to exercise extreme caution when using dating apps in Colombia. Recommendations include verifying user profiles, opting to meet in public places, and informing friends or family about meet up plans. Awareness about civil unrest and kidnapping risks is also emphasized.

In Medellin, where many incidents have occurred, it’s crucial to avoid secluded areas and always stay in well populated, public venues. The US Embassy in Colombia suggests sharing your location with trusted contacts and avoiding sharing too much personal information on these apps.

Bogota and Cartagena pose their unique challenges. The embassy warns of potential theft and violent encounters. It advises users to remain vigilant, especially when interacting with strangers met on dating apps. The embassy in Bogota particularly warns against accepting drinks from unknown individuals, as drug use to incapacitate victims is a common tactic.

What are the Details of the Suspicious Deaths?

Several of the deaths in Colombia involved victims who died under suspicious circumstances, often after meeting someone through a dating app. In many cases, autopsy reports indicated overdose or violence as the cause of death, raising flags about safety in online dating.

Most victims were identified as US citizens or foreign visitors, highlighting the targeted nature of these crimes against non locals using dating apps.

Investigations suggest that criminals use dating apps to rob and in some cases, administer drugs leading to overdose, and in the worst scenarios, death.


The alarming trend of suspicious deaths in Colombia linked to the use of online dating apps serves as a stern reminder of the risks involved in digital dating landscapes, especially for foreign visitors and US citizens. The US Embassy in Bogotá and the State Department have issued multiple warnings, urging vigilance and caution. While dating apps offer a convenient way to connect, they can also be a tool for criminal activities, as evidenced in cities like Medellin, Bogota, and Cartagena. Users must prioritize safety, adhere to the advisories provided by authorities, and remain aware of their surroundings at all times. As the world of online dating continues to evolve, so too must our awareness and strategies for personal security.