New Online Dating “Food Digger” Scam

Food Digger

Millions of people have found online dating to be an efficient and suitable means of meeting new people in the past few years. Unfortunately, this also makes unsuspecting victims more vulnerable to romance scammers from potential matches. Here, we will discuss how such romance scammers operate, how people were scammed, and ways to spot and avoid online dating scams in your lives.

How this Scam Works

Popular apps or sites are used by romance scammers who hope to create fake profiles and contact their targets via their phone numbers or video chat. After gaining trust, they use a fake story to ask their targets to send money from their bank accounts to restaurants. 

There is no telling how long these new online scams will last or how many lives they may damage. In real life, they can last for weeks, months, and even years. Since the scammers make it appear as though the victim is in a relationship with a real person, after putting in so much effort a sense of sympathy for the scammer’s story can develop among the victim. The good news is that you and your friends can avoid scams happening in restaurants with the right help.

Bumble has been a target of this new dating scam, and it works like the Tinder Swindler, where several people were scammed across the country. A Delhi journalist who met a girl online on the popular dating app Bumble was deceived into paying an unjust bill at a Rajouri Garden restaurant on November 11. Before realizing he had been scammed, Archit Gupta paid Rs 15,000 to the con artist. Comments from victims show that this new dating profile scam has been reported in a few incidents where men have been tricked and looted. 

Food Digger

A Nationwide Food Digger Dating App Scam is Hitting Men

Some men have been tricked and looted through this new dating profile scam. According to the particulars of these scandals, a man matches a date online on popular social media platforms, but the woman wants to go to a specific restaurant for a nice meal to force the man to pay an unfair bill. Due to several scams targeting men, it is important to understand these scammers’ methods and raise a fraud alert.

After falling victim to a new scam orchestrated by cunning scam artists, the most humiliating experience will serve as a good reason to create an original sound of caution, urging others to protect their own money.

The good news is that not every Bumble date turns out to be a fake date, but caution is necessary, especially when dealing with attractive women who might be more interested in your place of business than a genuine connection. In the digital age, gold digger tactics have evolved, and potential victims need to be aware of warning signs. 

The Federal Trade Commission has recently issued warnings about a concerning trend in online fraud involving Google Hangouts as part of a new dating scam’s modus operandi. Potential victims need to be cautious, as incidents of this new dating app scam are on the rise. The above story serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and exercising vigilance when navigating the complex landscape of online interactions. Users must report any suspicious activity to authorities and platforms to help combat the growing threat of Tinder Swindlers.

Food Digger

Methods of This New Dating Scam

A man in Pune was compelled to pay an unfair bill of Rs 22,000 for a local restaurant bill as a result of a dating app scam. A viral incident was shared on the X platform (formerly Twitter) by the man. In September of this year, the victim found a match through the dating app Bumble and had an online romance. In October, the man said he met his match at the Gypsy Restro Bar Bhugaon in Pune.

The girl ordered wine and hukkah on their first meeting. The man wrote, “Actually, I had no idea what the order would be and the staff was too quick to get the order in a jiffy.” He discovered that the hukka cost Rs 10,000, the wine bottle cost Rs 15,000, and the wine glass cost Rs 1,500. Upon receiving the printed bill, the man wrote, “It was Rs 22,000.”

He claimed that the restaurant owner threatened to damage his car if he did not pay the bill. “If you don’t pay this bill, the bar and restaurant guys will damage your car in the parking lot, and they have your car number which allows them to locate your address via RTO contacts, and they will charge you double the amount if you run away. The bill for Rs 22,000 had to be paid”. The thread received several responses from others. The restaurant owner allegedly hired the girl, according to most X users.

According to a comment by another user, “The girl may have been hired by the bar itself to scam victims and others who use such dating sites to find a first date with potential matches. It’s a very common strategy. They hire girls for luring men and charging them a huge amount for it”. Bumble applications have become prone to these scams, according to a user. There are several cases like this. Bumble appears to be overlooking it while police appear to be overlooking it as well.

As soon as the man paid the bill, he said he went to the washroom. He returned to find the bill no longer on the table, and his date had left in a hurry. In the end, he only realized he had been scammed when he reached home. After checking Bumble, he noticed the woman had “disappeared” – she was also ignoring his phone calls.

More Incidents

This is not an isolated incident because Jared, a twenty five year old, recently became the unfortunate target of a new wire transfer scam, falling victim to attractive young women on Tinder, where the indicators of the scam went beyond financial loss and also left a dent in the victim’s heart.

In an unexpected twist, 47 year old Tim, a Pool contributor, found himself on a fake date with a 23 year old Media Matters employee named Joyce, highlighting the diverse age range of younger and different people in the dating scene. Unfortunately, what seemed like the best first date location turned into a series of first date fails, as Joyce’s Tinder bio failed to reflect her true intentions, revealing her as a single scammer with a hidden agenda. This experience served as a stark reminder that the majority of people are seeking genuine connections, but it only takes one deceptive Tinder scammer to disrupt the quest for meaningful relationships.

Food Digger

Avoiding Online Dating Food Digger Scams

According to Archit Gupta’s comment, several business owners have been scammed by the new dating app fraud, and the woman even ignored his calls after their date ended. Meanwhile, many men are falling victim to dating app scams; staying safe and avoiding scams is crucial. You can avoid getting scammed by meeting in public places or restaurants with standard menus and multiple chains.

It is best to check the comments and even conduct research before narrowing down the meeting place if a woman insists on meeting at a particular restaurant or pub. If you are interested in meeting in public places with another potential online match, always communicate with them first. Avoid being scammed by verifying the person’s digital identity on social media networks or truecaller.

Taylor discovered an awful lot of red flags while exploring a legitimate dating site in the United States, prompting a roast today by self proclaimed roast experts who exposed the scammer’s agenda through their witty takedown of funny Tinder bios.

A woman, after receiving date requests and noticing warning signs, shared the whole story with friends on a Reddit post with profile photos and a screenshot, exposing a real life romance scam tied to a guy who matched her on a race lounge app, claiming a military connection while attempting to lure her into buying a plane ticket to his supposed place of business, prompting a swift response from the Federal Trade Commission. This is how military romance scams happen and they are one of the most common romance scams, according to the author of red flags of love fraud. You can easily detect the common traits of these con artists and quench any new love interest that may develop from people having funny Tinder bios.


You and your friends can hope to minimize your risk of becoming a victim of an online dating scam carried out by funny Tinder bios by taking steps to minimize your exposure to scammers. It is impossible to know a scammer’s agenda while using dating apps. 

Before joining any dating site or going on dates at restaurants, seek help by checking out reviews and do an online search for the website’s name + “scam” or “fraud” and see what comes. If the website has been associated with scams, it might be best to stay away.

Contact the authorities if you know any victims or have a friend who needs help with recovering their phone numbers or bank accounts from fraudulent dating sites. There are reports from last year that show that girls in the United States can have their lives at risk of a romance scammer, similar to the real life incident of the Rajouri Garden.