I dated Jennifer Aniston


When you perform a search on any dating site or app, the main element of each profile that determines whether you click through and find out more or choose one of the interaction buttons is the profile picture. Some services are entirely dominated by the profile picture as the functionality element (think Tinder). So we would expect everyone to make sure they put up their best picture and for it to be an honest reflection of how they currently look (in case they go on an actual date with somebody and want to be, at least… recognised).

Can imagine my surprise when I dated Jennifer Aniston online once

Fair enough, some people may have a photo that is a few years old, but it was the only decent one they could find and it still resembles them very closely. We will make some allowances for this and other factors. Some girls may not wear make up often but choose to use a profile picture that has them wearing make up… once again we make allowances.

Now, I’m not fully aware of how dating sites “approve” profile pics, but I suspect they will be on the look out for photos of well known (or not so well known) celebrities, maybe also photos of animals or inanimate objects. I would suspect they will also have levels of nudity that aren’t permitted. I think it would also be a fair assumption that images with other people in them would not be permitted.

I’d been browsing thorough search results on a dating site when there she was… Jennifer Aniston (I won’t name the site, because they have sorted themselves out now and I suspect this was a one off mistake). Yes, Jennifer Aniston and I were online chatting to each other and planning a date. Of course, it wasn’t really her and was some sort of scammer, but I played along for a bit, just for the fun of it, before eventually reporting the profile.

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