Month: December 2021

Match Pays $441 Million in Dating App Valuation Settlement


Match Group, the company that owns dating sites including Tinder, Match’s dating app, OKCupid, Hinge, PlentyOfFish, and others, has reached a settlement agreement in which it will pay Tinder founders a total of $441 million. This settlement is in response to a lawsuit against the company that it intentionally undervalued Tinder’s worth, leading to significantly …

Lawsuit Alleges Fake Users Leveraged to Trick Match Customers

Match Group

A recent lawsuit filed by Corwin Law, a Florida-based consumer advocacy group accuses Match Group, owners of and a variety of other online dating sites, of using deceptive business practices in order to promote known scams and convince customers to sign up for paid versions of accounts. This allegation brings up disturbing concerns about …