An Introduction Is in Order!

dating detective

About The Dating Detective

My name is Ed, and like many before me, I have been searching for love on the internet. I don’t think there is a dating service out there that I haven’t used. Over the years (too many now) I’ve used most of the major online dating websites as well as some professional matchmaking services and international dating sites. I think it’s fair to say that I have gained some experience of how they all work (or don’t in some cases).

Sadly, on this journey, I’ve also came across a lot of very questionable practices and some dubious business models that are deliberately constructed in a way that simply extracts maximum amounts of cash from people like me.

I’ve also discovered that there are many perfectly innocent dating services out there that are used by unscrupulous individuals for that very same purpose… to con people out of money. It is also sadly true that whilst many of those sites are no party to the cam girls and con artists activities, many allow it to go on because those are often paying members and the cam girls and con artists make up a large chunk of their income.

My aim is to help people and make them aware of the pitfalls of the various types of dating services out there.

They aren’t all bad, but the ones that are really bad seem to continuously get away with bad business practices (and in some cases outright fraud) without being answerable to anyone.

Let’s see if we can change that!

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