Oh, How the time flies…

It would be a fair observation to suggest that I was one of the earliest users of online dating services. I started using online dating back when Yahoo was relevant (hell, I even used Lycos… for those who remember who they are). Before that I did meet people through traditional newspaper classifieds. But we’ll leave that one at that.

I have just never been that confident at approaching women in bars (or elsewhere come to think of it), but when I discovered online dating sites it was easy. I had a whole bunch of girls who were sort of like pen pals and I was confident writing to them daily. I was in a world that I was comfortable with and very quickly was meeting up with girls. And it all went well. It was definitely the “initial approach” that terrified me in real life, because once I got to know girls I was fine and over the years have had quite a few serious relationships.

I pretty much tried every dating service out there. Some good, some bad, some outright ugly. Hopefully I can share with you the ones that are good and keep you away from the ugly ones… or at least let you know how to manage those in a way that you avoid the traps & tricks that make them ugly.

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