Great Ideas For a Date That Are Not Actually That “Great”?

ideas for a date

Planning a successful first date is stressful. From choosing your outfit to the venue, there are so many things to decide. In a bid to impress the partner or to stand out from the crows, some people resort to thinking up unique dating ideas, or going for “foolproof” ones that have been around for ages. What they consider great ideas for a date may not be really that great. The result? Awkward goodbye or ghosting. Here is a list of such ‘great dating ideas’ that you might choose to avoid.

Going to a movie

This one has recently been on the decline, but some “experts” still recommend it. Before frowning or sharing what dating experts opine about going to a movie on a first date, tell me why would you spend two hours in silence with someone you just met? So, going to a movie may sound like a good idea, but you may want to postpone it to date number X, where X does not equal one.

Niche interest dates

So you are REALLY into pottery. You can talk pottery for hours, you know your way around  the wheel and are very eager to take your first date to some related place. Consider what it will be like for someone who might not share your interest. Even though at first they might agree to a relatively new activity to try, they are ultimately interested in you, and not in a lecture. Barraging them with info does not make for an engaging conversation. Obviously, exceptions can be made if you are both into this thing or met at a related resource/event.

Taking your date to a corporate meet

Discussions on money and shares may turn you on but bore others. Unless you are dating a finance manager or a portfolio expert, never take your date to any corporate meet. While you will be engrossed in listening to business leaders, your date may find it extremely dull.

Visiting an open mic to see your performance

Remember the niche interest one I mentioned above? Yeah, this is very close. Not everyone likes stand-up, especially improv. Also, even though it is hard to admit this to yourself, you might not actually be that great, so imagine your date seeing you bomb on the very first date. Just like with movies, better left for date number X.

Plan a dinner at your house

Making a home-cooked dinner is something that might very well impress your potential partner, especially if you aren’t terrible at it. Inviting someone to your house for the first date, on the other hand, is something that might give of a suspicious vibe. Remember – you are just strangers to each other at this point. Are you 100% you want a total stranger to come to your house? Even more so, imagine what your date might think of the invitation before even seeing you once in person. A meal cooked by somebody else might work out better for everyone.

Inviting your date for a night out with your friends

Ok, hear me out on this one. Your friends might be the most charming, caring, interesting and overall nicest people ever. However, any group implies ties and connections built over a long period of time, with shared personal information and inside humor.

It might take too much for your date to try to adjust to this group from the get go, and they might feel left out. Additionally, your attention will be stretched thin, since you will be attempting to get to know your date while keeping up with whatever conversation your friends are having. If you choose to detach the two of you from the group chat, then wouldn’t a more one-on-one setting have worked out better to begin with? 

Avoid rocking out

Loud parties and rock concerts are also things that should be postponed till you know each other better. If you are both going as spectators, then talking would be problematic. If you are personally a part of the act, and will perform live, you have to take into account that you will leave your date alone for the duration. It might stroke your ego and give you a chance to show off, but are you 100% sure they won’t feel awkward by themselves?

So yeah, magical number X comes into play again. So, when thinking of great dating ideas, think practically, think talking, think engaging each other and getting to know each other, think comfort and safety for everyone involved. Stick to tried and tested methods and leave those experimental and unique ideas for some other day.

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