She swiped right, what’s next?

swiped right

Swiped right one of the largest problems that many people face when they get involved with dating platforms is how they should message their matches. After a person swiped right and you see the match appear on your screen, you might feel instantly intimidated about the process of sending them a message and your cold feet might get the best of you. When you receive a match, there are some great tips that can help you have more success with opening up a line of conversation and making the most of your matches. Here is what you should do after you get a match on a dating app:

Open up the line of conversation as soon as possible:

Dating apps move fast and if you are letting your match linger for a while as you are thinking about what to say, you could miss an opportunity to connect with someone special. If you are going to wait for a few days to message your match, they could match with someone else, they could end up leaving the platform or you could find yourself stuck in a situation where you’ve got other matches that have come in you may want to message too.

If you have made a match with someone, it is usually best to connect with them as soon as you can. It shows confidence and it shows that you are excited to talk to them. Waiting a few days may show that you are not too serious about dating or that you may not be looking for someone like them as your first choice.

Use their name in your first message:

Using a name in the first message will show that you’ve at least made an attempt to personalize it. There are many people playing numbers games over dating platforms and sending out the same message to anyone that they match with. Opening up with a personal message that at least addresses your match by name can be a great start.

Ask a question about their profile:

swiped right

Don’t be afraid to show off your sense of humour or share why you were interested in your matches profile. If you open up with a message that you share a favourite movie or about a photo they shared of an event you also went to, it shows connection and it helps your match understand why you have matched. When you start the conversation with a generic greeting, it leaves nowhere for the conversation to go.

End with a question:

Ending your first message with a question will make sure that your match has a prompt to message you back. After you have shared one or two of the things on their profile that you enjoy you can ask them more about themselves at the end of your message. A quick question about what they are watching on television or the books they are reading will give you greater insight into your match and an easy message they can reply with.

Think about your timing:

Although not everyone works the same schedule, when you are responding to your match at 3am, it may not be as easy for them to connect with you as if you were to reply at 5:30pm. If you are working 9-5 try to keep your early messages  to the hours you are off and as you keep messaging your match you can get more responses through the day. Making it convenient for them to respond can ensure that your lines of communication can stay open more easily and days won’t pass without your match losing momentum.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind on what you should do after you get a match on a dating profile.

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