How Is The Impact of Inflation Affecting Dating Experiences?


As we all know, dating can be a bit expensive, even when splitting the bill. This is particularly true in situations where a person is going on many dates in a short time in hopes of getting to know several potential partners. However, inflation can even have an impact on people who have been dating exclusively. Let’s take a look at how this is affecting dating and some solutions for this problem. 

How Is Inflation Impacting The Dating Experience? 

If you live in the United States, inflation has certainly been something that has drawn your interest. It is perhaps most notable at the gas station or grocery store. However, many people are also experiencing inflation when it comes to going out on dates. Lending Tree recently conducted a survey to determine the impact of inflation on dating. 

Perhaps the major finding from this study was that nearly one in five people said inflation had caused them to go on fewer dates while another 14% said they were actively trying to spend less on dating. Additionally, 77% of people said dating would be easier with more money available to spend on dating. 

The average maximum amount daters were willing to spend on a first date in times of these economic woes was $91. Men were more likely than women to have a higher maximum, with an average of $104 to $81. Men were also less likely to feel that the cost of a date should be split as only 18% of men compared to 26% of women held that belief. Fortunately for those who are cost conscious, 85% of people said they wouldn’t be offended to be taken on a date that didn’t cost money. 

Debt and Pay are Both Quite Relevant to Modern Dating

The survey also found that while people were reducing spending on dating, some would still take on debt in order to date amidst the economic woes of inflation. Fifteen percent of Americans reported taking on debt in order to date. This number was highest among Millennials where 22% reported taking on debt for dating. 

The amount of pay that a potential partner makes is important for many people who are dating. In fact, 34% reported wanting to know about a partner’s financial abilities as soon as they were in a committed relationship while 26% wanted to know before that and 11% as soon as possible. With the effects of inflation clearly being felt by many, this makes sense, particularly for those who value financial planning. However, 65% said that the response would not change how they felt about a partner.

There were strong demographic differences as to who cared more about what a potential partner makes. For example, women were more likely to care than men, 45% versus 24%. Additionally, 30% of women expressed a desire for their partner to earn more than they did, compared to only 8% of men. 

Cheap Date Ideas for Singles on a Budget

If you are one of those feeling the impact of inflation, there are many affordable or free options that can be great dates. This is particularly true if you and your potential date are interested in activities such as hiking, biking, or running. Any of these can be a great way to get to know someone on a first date while enjoying a hobby in common. 

For those wanting a less active first date, meeting for coffee and dessert can be a great way to indulge your sweet tooth without spending too much. This can be combined with a walk afterward for further conversation if the date goes well. Another great option for cheap dates is to check out a local festival or community event. Check out your local community calendar or the city’s social media to get ideas of what is happening. 

For couples who have already met, ideas such as movie nights, cooking together, and playing board games can be great ways to have some fun without breaking the bank. A backyard bonfire with s’mores can also be a fun alternative to traditional dates without spending a lot of money. Of course, you can also be on the lookout for things in your community that are priced relatively cheaply. You may be surprised to find low cost admission to places like zoos, museums, or art galleries. All of these can make a great date night! 

The Impact of Inflation on Dating is Evident

While the impact of inflation on dating is certainly evident in the results of the Lending Tree survey, there are some solutions to overcome this. The vast majority would not think negatively of a cheap date or free date. Thus, embracing your creativity may be a great route to impress your date without racking up a large credit card bill.

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