SABRE’s Technology Aims To Promote Safety For Online Daters 


Research studies have shown that half of the online dating profiles are already in a relationship, 10% of users are scammers, and online predators commit thousands of violent acts a year. It is understandable that people may feel extremely concerned regarding their safety when it comes to online dating. SABRE is one of an increasing number of companies striving to provide and enhance online dating protection, making it safer for users. 

What is SABRE?

SABRE’s existence actually stems long before online dating – or even the internet – became a household name. In fact, the company was established in 1975 with the goal of helping people improve their overall safety. A family owned company, it continues to focus on the mission of safety. While it does not work directly with online dating apps, its products target anyone who has safety concerns including those going on dates. 

There are currently many ways that people dating online can help improve their awareness and safety. For example, many dating sites have partnered with different technology and apps that provide important safety resources when evaluating potential profiles as well as when going on dates. However, SABRE provides more tangible products that are aimed at helping people protect themselves if the unthinkable happens while they are out. 

Safety Products Offered by SABRE

The company is currently the largest maker of pepper spray in the United States. This appears to be one of their primary products aimed at promoting safety for online daters that take their acquaintances offline. The company asserts that they make quality products that can be trusted both by everyday consumers as well as law enforcement. 

They also have been a bit innovative with their conceptualization of the traditional pepper spray. For example, they offer a lipstick pepper spray that would potentially be more appealing to women as it could be more discreet and easily stored in a purse. They also have integrated technology with their SMART Pepper Spray, which can be programmed to alert first responders or friends with geolocation when triggered, although this requires a subscription. 

There are a few other products that the company offers that may be of interest to online daters. One is a pepper gel keychain with a whistle that goes off when activated. The company also manufactures a stun gun that can fit in a purse and a handheld alarm. While these types of products may not be ideal for all online daters, they provide an option for some who prefer carrying various methods of personal protection during dates. 

Safety Advice for Online Daters

The company also provides information aimed to educate people including things such as dating safety tips. Some of these tips include basic helpful information such as googling your date to verify their information and meeting at a public place. The former can help ensure that you aren’t being catfished while the latter can prevent them from knowing where you live until you are comfortable. 

Another safety tip advocated by SABRE and their partners is to leave yourself an out when on a date. There are several ways to do this such as scheduling a friend to give you a call 30 minutes into a date. Paying attention to the layout of a place and where you may be able to easily exit is another important thing to be aware of. 

Other valuable advice when meeting a partner includes paying attention to your drinking habits. During a first date, it can be safe to limit yourself to one or two drinks, order them yourself at the bar, and keep them close to you, never leaving them unattended. If you do run into a concerning situation and feel uncomfortable, you can always excuse yourself to the bathroom and seek assistance from a staff member as well. These and many other safety tips are found on the company’s website. 

SABRE Offers an Option That May Make Some Daters More Comfortable

Let’s be realistic. Stun guns and pepper spray are not necessarily something that everyone will be comfortable carrying. However, for some people, they may provide an extra sense of security when it comes to meeting someone they matched with online. If you do bring one of these devices, make sure you can easily access it and know how to use it according to manufacturer instructions. 

Whether you carry an item for personal protection or not, remember to consider other ways to stay safe while dating such as using safety features that come with apps and educating yourself about best practices. Dating can be a lot of fun and taking a few steps out of caution can go a long way toward preventing negative experiences. 

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