Online Dating in 2022 in Numbers


Dating can go awry at times. It may be painful to date, even though it is supposed to be a pleasant experience for us. Certain individuals have been unable to meet someone through conventional channels in the past. Due to this, more and more people are turning to online dating platforms to find long-term partners. Despite the massive growth in popularity of different dating sites, have they made our relationships more successful?

Online Dating Statistics:

1. In 2021, 323.9 million people used dating apps

In 2016, there were 240.9 million dating app users worldwide, even though dating apps have been around much longer than five years. The number of users rose to 323.9 million in 2021. 

2. Internet users use online dating platforms at a rate of 19%

An online dating app or platform is currently being used by 19% of US internet users, according to a recent study. Furthermore, 27% of participants said they had used online dating apps in the past. 

3. App preferences vary by age group

Tinder is the most popular dating app among those aged 18 to 29. Users seem to prefer less serious flings on the platform, which is understandable given its playful style. Furthermore, Tinder is free, although a paid version is available. 

Those between the ages of 30 and 64 prefer, a more serious platform than Tinder. Among seniors (only 20% of whom use dating apps), eHarmony and religious dating sites tie at 4%. 

4. A dating app is twice as likely to be used by LGBTQ people 

Compared to straight adults, 55% of LGBTQ adults have used a dating app, according to Pew Research. Only 11% of straight online daters say they’ve met a serious relationship or marriage through a dating site, compared to 21% of LGBTQ users. 

5. The use of platforms is fairly equal based on race

Race does not appear to be a significant factor when it comes to online dating platform users, with 29% of whites, 31% of blacks, and 28% of Hispanics using one.

6. About 42% of online daters hope to find a spouse

By using online dating sites, 42% of users hope to find a spouse. Online dating tends to be viewed as a “nothing serious” type of deal by many people. You have millions of potential matches if you use online dating apps to find a spouse. 

7. More than 13% of users of online dating sites got engaged or married

Meeting someone on a dating site led to only 13% of users getting engaged or married. In contrast, 23.7% claim to have only dated a couple of times. 

The number of relationships lasting less than six months was nearly 15%, whereas the number of relationships lasting between six months and a year was 7.2%, whereas the number of relationships lasting more than a year was 14.7%. 

8. Online dating is just as successful as in-person dating for 54% of US online daters

According to 54% of American online daters, online relationships are just as successful as face-to-face ones. 46% of those surveyed think online relationships will not last as long as those started in person, leaving only 41% who believe they will.

9. Online daters who aren’t committed are 26%

Online dating doesn’t necessarily lead to serious relationships, which isn’t surprising given the stigma attached to it. Accordingly, 74% of online dating platform users are seeking a long-term relationship. 

10. More than 11 people are talked to by 19% of online daters

Having more than two conversations on a dating platform at the same time can be overwhelming. What if there are 11 or more of us? The number of users who talk to at least 11 at the same time is up to 19%. 

A quarter of users talk to four or five people simultaneously, according to the same study by Healthy Framework. Two or three people are also talked to by 23%. On dating apps, 8% of users talk to no one, while 11% talk to one person at a time . 

Demographics Of Online Dating In The U.S.

As online dating becomes increasingly popular, who is using it the most frequently? Are any of those people married or in long-term relationships with someone they met online? Only a third of Americans have ever used an online dating service or app, according to a report. The internet is used by a large percentage of our society to find new romantic partners.

New people are increasingly meeting through dating channels & apps. Globally, paid subscriptions can generate about $3.7 billion in revenue. Online dating services are used by 53 million people in the United States, representing a 15.7% penetration rate. This industry will generate $829 million in revenue in 2022.

Because of their sheer population size, India and China generate much higher revenues than European nations, although their consumption is lower.


The internet has also been responsible for finding the soul mate for nearly 10% of the population. There is a lot to consider when every tenth person you meet has been successful with online dating. It’s unlikely that this industry will shrink anytime soon. Online dating services are used by millions of people to meet potential partners, whether for a short-term relationship or a long-term relationship. 

Those using online dating apps, what they use them for, and what they expect from their potential matches vary widely. It is also easy to get started with online dating since there are plenty of websites and apps available. The number of people using online dating services worldwide is expected to reach 413 million by 2022. There are approximately 53 million people in the United States who use online dating services. These apps are used by almost everyone.

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