How To Stay Safe While Sexting Online


In an adult relationship, it is important to have fun and feel safe during sex activities. A change of scenery sometimes is nice in the bedroom. If you’re in a long-distance relationship or your partner is out of town, try sending him or her a sexy picture of yourself to spice up the romance. 

It may sound enticing, but awkward sexting can put people into uncomfortable situations if they do it with the wrong person. Texts or photos can destroy careers, marriages, and lives in the wrong hands. 88% of study participants reported having sexted in the past year, according to the American Psychological Association.

The report also found that nearly 75% of participants sext in the context of a committed relationship and 43% said they sext casually with others. It’s important to think about how you can sext safely if this is something you want to do. It’s also important to keep in mind that sexting is no different than having sex. Senders can forward, post, or share messages without your consent.

Sext Meaning

Some people view sexting as only sending naked or explicit photos and videos, but I view it as any sexual message that is sent digitally. If you are not exchanging nudes, a torrid text exchange is still sexting, and you still run the risk of embarrassment.

Why Do People Sext?

The reason why people sext is straightforward: good sexting is entertaining and easy to do, and sexting is exhilarating in and of itself. Communication and sexual desire can remain strong with good sexting for some couples, such as those in long-distance relationships. 

Others use it to deepen their intimacy. It’s only natural to extend this into our love lives as well since we all text and chat all the time. Consider, too, that safe sexting cannot spread disease or result in pregnancy (at least directly).

Rules For How To Sext Safely

You should never send an unsolicited sext to your partner, regardless of how long you’ve known them. Take sexy pictures or videos only after getting your partner’s consent. If you aren’t in the same location as your partner or you are exploring your sexuality with a new partner, then sexting can be a great option for connecting intimately.

1. Consent is vital

A fun and safe experience can sometimes be abused by people who take advantage of it. In the same way that it is always better to practice safe and consensual sex, it is even more important to practice safe and consenting sexting.

2. Make sure you check in regularly

Throughout the sexting experience, consent is a practice you continue—it’s not a one-time event. This means that you should drop in on your sext companion as the conversation unfolds. If you’re sexting for the first time, it’s best to ask permission by simply asking, ‘Can I send you a sexy picture?’ or ‘Could I send you a text with one of my fantasies’ to make sure the other person is on board with taking things further.

3. Slowly ease in

Although you may already have some safe sexting ground rules established and feel exceptionally saucy, it is recommended that you start slowly. Maybe begin with a simple compliment. Discuss what it is about their physical characteristics that make you want to sext, and then elaborate. Also, remember to reminisce about old times, especially if you used to touch each other physically back when touching was normal.


4. Watch when you are sexting

In the early hours of the morning, texting someone “u up?” is bad manners. As adults, let’s always act like adults and promise to behave accordingly. In addition to avoiding sexting someone midday, you should also avoid sexting someone who lives with their parents and brings their phone to many wholesome family lunches. 

If you have not agreed otherwise with your partner, aim to send texts in the late evening, when the recipient is likely to be more private.

5. Be mindful about what you sext

As a final point, it’s up to you what photos you send. It is a good idea to frame your sext to get rid of identifying features (like, for example, your face), especially in new relationships or when you are not so close to your sexting partner. If you want to avoid seeing some super sexy pics on your laptop at the wrong time, you may want to un-sync your phone from iCloud. 

You don’t want to end up with your photos in the wrong hands, so consider erasing or storing them safely after they’ve been sent.

The Advantages of Safe Sexting

Even though sexting is a risky activity, there are many benefits to practicing safe sexting; this is how to enjoy sexting. There are many faces to safe sexting. Sexting is more than sending a sexy picture to impress your partner. Intimate and romantic, sexting can tap into your partner’s soul. In some cases, sexting can be as simple as screen-capturing a video or photo from a webcam.

If you are sexting, having a plan is important. You shouldn’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. The truth is that sometimes people believe they’re ready for sexting but deep inside they aren’t. 


These tips for sexting will come in handy because we put our lives at risk when we expose ourselves to any sort of intimacy. The same applies to online relationships as well. Respect people’s boundaries, respect their sexting boundaries, and be careful with sensitive information. When sexting or sex at any rate is safe, it’s a lot more fun.

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