Tinder Review – Hookups, not Soulmates

tinder review hookups not soulmates

There is no doubt about the popularity of Tinder. Many users confirm Tinder to be the most viable dating app and as a matter of fact, there are many success stories associated with Tinder. Basically, Tinder serves everyone regardless of age but strangely it is more popular among teenagers. As long as you think age is just a number, Tinder can definitely fall into your favorite dating app list.

Pros and Cons of Tinder

Here’s a shortlist of the pros and cons associated with Tinder for your reference.

Pros of Tinder

  • A highly user-friendly platform that can be easily understood and used.
  • A location-based operation where you can find the closest matches first so there is a huge possibility to meet them in person quickly.
  • Massive database of registered users so there is no shortage of options for anybody.

Cons of Tinder

  • There are many bizarre and strange profiles available on Tinder.
  • More options are given for men compared to women.
  • Although there are plenty of women on Tinder, only a few of them reply back.
  • The app is associated mostly with hook-ups.

Good reasons to use Tinder

Here are some obvious reasons to use the Tinder app.

  • Tinder is filled with plenty of members and they represent various characters, social statuses, classes, etc. So, the excitement of versatility is obviously there in Tinder. However, you must be vigilant and careful because you cannot guarantee the genuineness of each and every user.
  • Tinder has a special feature called Tinder Social. Well, just like the name suggests, Tinder Social is a feature introduced for those who prefer group dates for events (such as meetings and parties).
  • Thanks to the location-based functionality of Tinder, you can find a match pretty easily and even meet up quicker than you expect.
  • Tinder has separate apps for Android and iOS operating systems. That is in addition to the browser-based Tinder platform. So, regardless of the operating system, you are using, you can access Tinder without any hassle.

Other important notes

Having a large database of users is exceptionally handy for a dating app like Tinder. However, the same benefit can become a drawback because there are a lot of creepy individuals out there in the network and there is a chance for you to fall to one of them.


The research I did suggests that Tinder is not the best option to find a soulmate, especially with the rep it has gotten on the web. In addition to that, Tinder is already filled with individuals with weird intentions so you must be very careful when using Tinder. As a piece of general advice, you should not share your personal information or too-private photos with strangers until you get to know them better. Even if you get to know them, be mindful to avoid actions you would regret in the future. After all, Tinder is a decent app that offers great options in terms of casual dating as long as you use it wisely.

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