Month: November 2023

Global Online Dating Services Market 2023-2028 Overview

Dating Services

There is a constant evolution and upgrading in the global online dating services market size. New strategies are frequently introduced by key players to stay ahead of the competition. The majority of firms are focusing their social media advertising efforts on growing their market size.  By entering a new market size themselves or collaborating with …

Utah Woman was Convicted in an Online Romance Scam that Cost her Victims Over $6 Million

Romance Scam

As the digital world has evolved, millions of Americans have become comfortable with the world of online dating. However, social media and dating apps have their costs. Romance scams are committed by individuals with fake dating profiles, posing as lovers and attempting to get money from their victims. A large majority of the victims of …

The FBI Spotlights Online Safety Tips for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Online Safety Tips

The sophistication of Internet enabled crimes and cyber intrusions is increasing, so all users of connected devices need to be aware and vigilant. The FBI spotlighted online safety tips for cybersecurity awareness month. The FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director Matt Gorham said it is no longer enough to keep an eye out for suspicious emails …