How To Improve Your Dating Profile: A Guide For Older Men


Since the release of Tinder in 2013, dating apps have been popularized as the new frontier in romance. Online dating presents a seemingly infinite dating pool, allowing you to connect with people across the globe in hopes of finding your soulmate. Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, OkCupid, Match, ChristianMingle- no one is embarrassed about meeting online anymore now that dating apps are plentiful and popular. However, the new challenge is making sure that your profile is both attractive and interesting enough to draw in potential matches.

As an older man, it can be hard to know what should go on a dating profile. Do you share pictures of your interests? Your career? Your pets? There is definitely a place in the dating app world for older men, but with some patience and persistence you can improve your dating profile and your chances of getting a match. Follow these suggestions and guidelines to help create the perfect profile that will draw in hundreds of potential matches for you to choose from!

High Quality Pictures Only

One of the first turn-offs for dating app profiles is blurry pictures, too close selfies, or awkwardly cropped group photos that just don’t make sense. When you’re building your dating app profile as an older man, it’s especially important that you rely on high quality, HD pictures to help demonstrate that you’re hip with technology and that you’re comfortable describing yourself and being seen. If you need to, have a friend help you take high quality pictures. Try to avoid work headshots too; looking too professional can send the wrong message about why you’re on the app.

Stay Positive and Endearing

Try not to fall into self-deprecating jokes or negative attitudes; think of a date as almost like a job interview. You wouldn’t tell a potential employer that you’re not confident about yourself, so why tell a potential date? Exude positivity, confidence, and optimism in every part of your pictures and profiles; it’s proven that you’ll get more responses that way!

Be Honest

Dating apps have a reputation for hosting liars, people who use fake pictures, catfish other people, or who stretch the truth or downright lie about what they do, where they live, and how much they make. Lying on your dating app profile is never smart, because you’ll always get caught. It’s so much better to be honest. Transparency and vulnerability are attractive characteristics, and it’s better to be straightforward from the get-go about who you are and what matters to you.

Update Your Profile

Keep your profile updated regularly with new information and pictures about yourself. Had a recent life change? Snap a new picture to celebrate! Just discovered a new hobby or passion? Add it to your profile! Keeping your profile updated and fresh is a great way to show people that you’re invested in the app and that you’re serious about your intentions in finding a potential date or partner.

Check Your Grammar

Older men have developed a reputation for using poor grammar and potentially suspicious tactics on dating apps. Fight this stigma by always using good grammar and SpellCheck wherever possible to help establish both your credibility and your intelligence. No one is saying you have to use thesaurus-level words, but do try to avoid common spelling mistakes that simply make you seem uneducated.

Stay Humble

As an older man, don’t be afraid to let your potential partners know your accomplishments. You’ve done many exciting things and had a lot of cool opportunities present themselves to you over the years! Just be careful to stay humble about it at the same time; no one likes a brag. You can humbly and politely tell your date about some of the more exciting experiences you’ve had without coming off as arrogant, and they may just end up even more impressed by your life story!

Show the Real You

The less staged and fake your profile seems, the better. Be honest about the real you in your profile; show pictures of your hobbies, your passions, your personality, and yourself. Being authentic and genuine in your profile posts might scare some people off, but it will also guarantee that the people who do match with you are people who won’t waste your time and who are genuinely interested in you.

Dating app profiles for older men might seem intimidating, but they don’t need to be. Lean into these tips and trust that when the right time comes, the perfect match for you will be waiting!

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