Organize Your Online Dating Life with My Little Black Book

Online Dating Life

When it comes to online dating, we’ve all had times where it can seem like the effort it takes to set up and keep track of dates doesn’t seem worth it. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have a personal assistant to help organize your dating life? If that’s the case, the new app My Little Black Book may be a great platform for finding stress relief when it comes to keeping up with all the requirements of modern dating. 

Simplify Online Dating Using Only One Platform

When it comes to online dating, people often move promising connections off of the original app, taking conversations to text messages or other forms of communication. While this is more convenient when it comes to chatting and getting to know someone, users can often find themselves confused, particularly when getting to know multiple people at once. 

Thus, the founders of My Little Black Book saw an opportunity for a solution. Their app serves as an integrated solution aimed at helping you to organize your dating life. The goal of the app is to be able to organize your dating network and easily assess potential partners. However, this platform has also created synergies between other apps, allowing for easy booking of dates as well. 

For users who often feel frustrated at having to keep track of a sometimes hectic dating life or those who have made mistakes in the past like confusing someone they are chatting with for another person, this app can serve as an effective means to feel more in control of your dating life. 

How My Little Black Book Works

The key to My Little Black Book lies in its integration with other apps and features. If your conversation on a dating app is going well, simply add a potential partner as a contact. Their information will automatically populate in My Little Black Book. 

However, My Little Black Book also provides you with a number of tools to ensure that you always keep your dating life well organized. For each contact, you can add information including which app you met on and what previous dates you’ve had. This will help you to prevent those embarrassing moments from popping up.

The app also has a “Rate Your Date” feature which allows users to compare their date to others. Users of this app can make notes about dates linked to each person, helping provide important information in one place for later decision making. Additionally, the app ultimately allows you to sort potential partners into one of several categories – “Potential,” “Just for Fun,” and “Hard No.” When you want to plan dates, the app interfaces with things like Open Table, Ticketmaster, and even making it easy to book things.  

My Little Black Book Really Succeeds at Safety 

While there are many features that this app promotes, one thing that can potentially make it stand out is its relationship with PeopleLooker. This is an online background checking service that can provide users with critical information to evaluate whether or not to go on a date with someone. Online safety has become an increasingly important concern for many online daters over the years as romance scams and negative encounters with people have become well publicized. 

While many individual dating apps have worked at doing things to improve user safety such as cracking down on fake profiles and providing educational information, many have criticized that dating apps are not doing enough to keep users safe. This is the area where My Little Black Book may truly distinguish itself as a helpful resource. 

PeopleLooker utilizes publicly available records in its background check process. Thus, it can provide information to users such as things from arrest records, court databases, and other sources, helping provide an additional way to vet potential dates. My Little Black Book’s platform also allows for users to create a safety network of friends who will be alerted to the details of dates including location and who you’re going out with. 

The app also allows for communication through a burner phone number to reduce having to give your actual number out. Ultimately, the safety features are probably the most impressive aspect of the app and provide good ideas for other apps to consider incorporating. 

Is My Little Black Book the Future of Online Dating? 

Will My Little Black Book revolutionize the online dating industry? That’s probably a bit of a stretch. However, for people who are using multiple apps and need some more organization in their lives, it will likely prove to be a very useful solution to helping organize their dating life. 

However, the place where this app is really poised to make a difference is with its safety features. At a time when the online dating industry is receiving a lot of criticism for not taking adequate enough steps to protect users, the safety features in this platform are fairly impressive. 

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