The Pros & Cons of Premium Dating App Subscriptions

Premium Dating App

Dating sites are the way that a lot of people meet now, this is a fact. For a huge percentage of the population, unless you happen to strike up a conversation with a stranger or get set up by a mutual friend, most of the people you meet will likely come from the online sphere. Most modern dating apps are free to use but offer premium upgrades. Are these upgrades worth it? Less take a look at what these apps offer for your premium subscription and why that might not work for everyone.

Pro: You Get More Features

The biggest pro is literally what the premium subscription offers. You get more features. This varies from site to site. On apps like Tinder and Bumble, the daily caps on swipes or views disappear. On most apps, you also get to see who liked you. On Hinge, where you can already see when someone likes you, you get to send unlimited likes in a day.

There are also various options that include the use of more “super swipes” where you can notify someone you like them. With some apps, you get greater features in terms of sorting or filtering prospective matches. The perks of premium subscriptions vary from site to site so compare carefully when considering what you want.

Con: You Don’t Necessarily Get More Matches

When asking people about whether or not a premium subscription is worth it, one of the questions that immediately pops up is whether or not you get more matches. For many users, the reality is no. Some people enjoy knowing who has swiped right on them so they can more carefully consider them before deciding which direction to swipe.

But ultimately, premium perks do not necessarily translate to more matches. For guys that want to increase the number of people they match with, they may be better suited to focus on other things like critiquing their bio or adding better photos.

Pro: You Can Undo Mistakes

If you are on a swipe-oriented app, you’ve likely been in the same situation as me. You’ve been in a groove and swiping too quickly then accidentally swiped left on an ideal match. With these apps, there is nothing you can really do. They are gone forever.

However, premium subscriptions do prevent this problem as sites like Tinder and Bumble will allow you to rewind to your last swipe and get a do over. This is one of the more valuable options of premium subscriptions in my opinion. It helps prevent unforced errors.

Con: Free Apps Can Provide Just as Much Value

A lot of times, we get stuck in ruts. This can happen on dating apps. For example, if you’ve been on Tinder a long time, you may come to view it as the path towards meeting people. The same can be true of any other app that you frequent. It’s a simple fact of psychology. When we use something a lot, it becomes ingrained into our lifestyle.

Thus, while a premium subscription may seem like a good way of getting better outcomes, the reality may be that shaking it up and trying another app will be just as useful. Maybe try Hinge which is billed as an app meant to be deleted. Perhaps OK Cupid is more your style where you can answer hundreds of questions and let an algorithm match you on in-depth preferences. Trying different sites may open up more options for free.

Pro: There Are Many Ways to Purchase

One of the biggest drawbacks of the old school dating sites was that you typically had to purchase subscriptions a month or six at a time. There simply was not a lot of flexibility. This has been revolutionized with dating apps. With some apps, you can buy features. For example, Hinge lets you buy individual roses (their version of a “super like”).

Additionally, most sites have very flexible options for premium services. Want to Boost your profile on Bumble for a week? You can do that for a few bucks. There are also a wide variety of options on most sites for full subscriptions. Thus, it’s likely that you can find an option you like for a little bit of money.

Con: Costs Can Add Up

While most premium services are fairly affordable in cost, they can quickly add up. Buying a few a la carte features won’t set you back much but purchasing full premium subscriptions on multiple sites will quickly establish a new row in your monthly budget.

The ultimate question you have to ask yourself is whether or not these costs are worth it. Evaluate your progress after a month or so. Are you getting more matches? Matching with more quality people? Are you getting what you hoped out of the premium subscriptions? If not, it might not be the fit for you.

Final Thoughts

Dating apps are a great way to meet people but can also lead to situations of perpetual swiping. If you are wanting to shake up your dating app performance, you can try a premium subscription. You may also find better luck by critiquing your own photos and bio – or even hiring a dating coach to do that. Are premium subscriptions worth the money? That’s ultimately an individual decision depending on what you want out of an app. 

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