Planning a vacation with your partner

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The way we get on in years shouldn’t impact our ability to show compassion, especially not in the way of romance. When you’re in your 40s and you don’t know if you have the same energy to fall in love like you used to – whether you’re looking for a brand new love or starting a relationship over with someone you cherish – you can feel young again with nothing but a simple change of scenery.

Traveling for a vacation is a wonderful way to reinvigorate what may be lost in the way of a youthful energy. Seeing the world and new, exciting places, meeting new people, doing new things; it brings the vibrance of life back that’s been absent for so long. And sharing all of those new feelings with someone special in your life makes them more powerful. If you’re just starting to see someone or want to recapture something with a long-time partner, whether you’re married with kids or not, check through these 8 tips to make sure your getaway gets you back in the saddle!

  1. Plan it out together

You know her favorite songs and movies, her favorite dishes, her favorite places, but do you know what she really wants? Talk to your date about the idea first, really sell the idea, and include her in on the initial planning. Pick a place you both want to go and things you both want to do. If you want to experience the peak in style you need to plan around it.

  1. Prepare for potential changes

Things can happen that get in the way of our plans. Just ask, well, anybody that went through 2020. Now that countries are opening up to tourism again there will be lines to get tickets miles long, and digitally, days long. Whether you want to plan things far in advance or just make a spontaneous 1-2 day trip, keep these things in mind. It will really suck to travel a long distance just to find out in the end that the attraction you came for is closed.

  1. Make the Journey part of the Whole Vacation

If you’re going somewhere popular, be prepared to see plenty of crowds. But the people are part of the culture, and part of the scenery. Don’t just land at an airport and take a direct ride everywhere. Take some detours and some side trips. Explore a little. Take some walks, or some bike rides. Stick to the beaten path if you must but go in your own lane and make it a journey you won’t forget, not just a destination.

  1. Be Willing to Compromise

You and your partner might not see eye to eye on every piece of the itinerary. Making a schedule and keeping it are two different things. Be willing to experiment a little with new ideas, especially if they’re hers. Keep it within reason, but also keep to the golden rule of having fun together.

  1. Be Responsible

No matter where you go, there’s trouble to be aware of. Make sure you keep your goods and valuables safe. Just because you’re out in the world to enjoy life and stoke the flames of love doesn’t mean other people will respect that and leave you be. Stick to generally safe crossings and don’t do anything too dangerous, even if it seems like fun. It’s one thing to seek the thrill of youth and life but risking yours, or hers, is a different matter. Don’t be guarded, just be reasonable.

  1. Set up some Surprises

While you may end up changing a few things down the line, things you see or eat or watch together, keep a few things hidden that you know she will enjoy. A surprise reservation at a restaurant you keep talking up, or a private tour of a landmark she mentioned. Pay attention to what she’s looking forward to, and when she least expects it, show her how much you care about her by dropping her deep into it.

  1. Keep a Discreet Budget

None of this is free, obviously, but money isn’t romantic. It can be sexy, but never love-inspiring. Make sure you are aware of your bank account and list of expenses while you’re out on the town and living it up in the world with your partner. Handle everything calmly and make sure you’re coming in at expected rates the whole time.

  1. Relax and Have Fun

The most important part, after all of this, is to relax and enjoy yourself, and the easiest way to do that is to be together. Draw the curtains and have a night in and see just how much love you’ve managed to gather from your travels together.

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