How to prepare for your first home date?

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One of the most important first impressions that you can make with a prospective partner is when you show off your home. Home dates often happen after you’ve gotten to know somebody and talked online, met out in public and spent some time getting comfortable around one another.

If you’re finally inviting somebody that you feel comfortable with over, you’re going to want to prepare accordingly so that you can make a decent first impression and ensure that the entire experience is going to go as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the best ways that you can calm your mind as well as feel proud about your place when you are preparing for your first home date:

Do a bit of dusting:

You might not mind the dust inside your house but when there is a layer of dust over areas like your television, coffee table, book shelf and more, it shows that you don’t spend much time cleaning. Quickly vacuuming and working on your place so you can cut down on some of the dust will show that you truly prepared for their arrival.

Wipe down the floors and do a quick dust of various surfaces so that you can make sure that no stains or left behind. Work at effectively removing carpet stains and try your best to spruce up the place before you invite somebody over. Removing dust can also be a great way to ensure that you can prepare your place so you don’t end up facing problems if anybody happens to have allergies as well.

Build an atmosphere:

Building an atmosphere and at least one room will make sure that you’re able to plan the perfect date. Lighting some candles in the living room and planning out an atmosphere with music and a mood will make sure that you will be able to plan the perfect experience. When you go out in public it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to manipulate the setting so well, so cultivate a mood that will be extremely enjoyable for the date. 

Clean up your bathroom:

There’s likely a chance that your date may need to use the facilities at some point. There’s nothing worse than having an overly dirty toilet, a sink that is unclean or even a spotty mirror, it’s likely that you’re using the bathroom every day so you are used to having your own level of hygiene. Cleaning up your bathroom can make sure that it will be better for other people as well as yourself.

Do your dishes:

Appropriately washing your dishes and removing some of the clutter from your kitchen can be an important step as well. Cleaning your stove, counters and plates is a great way that you can prepare and prevent the chance that you could embarrass yourself if your date was going to go into your kitchen. The smell of rotten food and garbage can be overpowering for the rest of your place and if you aren’t regularly washing your dishes or keeping your place clean, it can put a stop to your date quite quickly.

Have a plan:

Inviting someone over your house implies you will do something there. Having a plan in place for what you might do for dinner, what you’re planning on doing for entertainment and more can help you build a better mood and enhance the time that you have. Having a few plans for activities will make sure that you will be able to enjoy the time that you spend together and will actually have something to do to bond with one another.

Coming up with an activity that isn’t just luring somebody into the bedroom will show that you really care and you want to spend some time having fun with them, while also showing off your place. Keep some of these ideas in mind as you are working to prepare for your first home date experience. 

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