Month: June 2023

Philadelphia Woman Loses $450K in “Pig Butchering” Romance Scam

Romance Scam

Most people are fairly familiar with the existence of romance scams. These often follow a typical pattern with someone professing their love for you before requesting money to help them with emergency weeks or months later. However, a new type of romance scam known as “pig butchering” is beginning to get more attention. Learn about …

Bumble Concerned about Cyberflashing Loophole in UK Online Safety Bill

Online Safety

Harmful Intent” Language Could Be a Problem for Cyberflashing Bill The United Kingdom is in the process of outlining a broad online safety bill that would address a number of things including criminalizing cyberflashing. Recently, online dating app Bumble noted a potential problem in the bill’s current form that could make enforcement of cyberflashing rules …