Moving on after a tough breakup

heart broken moments

All of us want our serious relationships to last us a lifetime. The idea of growing old together with someone you have known and loved your entire adult life is something that poets and writers have envisioned since times immemorial. Unfortunately, sometimes even when you put all the time and effort into your relationship, it can come to an end.

Whether they end abruptly or slowly fade out, the ending can be stressful and emotionally draining, and both men and women can find it extremely hard to go through this process. Many guys find themselves wading through anger, sadness and confusion and it’s not always easy to decide how one can cope or move on with their life.

Nevertheless, the ability to keep moving forward is important for your emotional well being and for being able to put yourself out there again in search of another relationship. If you are going through a tough breakup and you don’t know where to start with overcoming your feelings, some things can help you make this transition easier.

Don’t be afraid to take some time.

Many guys are too focused on moving past the negative feelings they are feeling and distracting themselves with something new. Rather than rushing into a new relationship or taking on a new hobby, take time to mourn your relationship. Remember the times you had, respect the time you need to move on and don’t be afraid to take the time you need to heal.

Don’t blame yourself.

It can be easy to feel a sense of shame or rage when you get out of a relationship. Keep in mind that the end of the relationship doesn’t necessarily imply a mistake on your part or on the part of your ex. In other cases blame is evident, but people still tend to take things too far with blaming each other where emotions are involved.

Change up your routine.

Falling into disruptive routines or unhealthy habits is one of the major post-breakup mistakes you can do. People can stop taking care of themselves, they can spend extra time on some unhealthy habits like drinking or drugs, and they can often find themselves wallowing in a very uncomfortable state. Making a choice to change up your routine or putting yourself into a new environment can be a great way to take a different approach to your recovery. Starting small by going to some different restaurants, going for a jog in the evening or heading to a different park can help you boost your mood and establish new patterns that set you apart from behavior that can remind you of your ex.

Cut out online connections

It can be tough to constantly be exposed to the digital footprint of you and your partner. Guys can fixate on old conversations, be tempted to text their partner when they have been drinking or check in on their social media. Sometimes simply being exposed to a picture of your ex-partner can sour your mood or undo the progress you have done in a while, especially in times when you are feeling especially vulnerable or lonely. Taking some time for yourself offline and cutting off your online ties can be a great move going forward.

Try to stay busy

When guys have time to think and stew on some of the feelings they are having about their ex, it can often make them feel angrier about the whole situation. After you have taken the time to mourn, you will want to try and stay busy. By keeping yourself busy, you can make sure that you can keep yourself from welling too much in the sadness of your breakup.

Trying out some new hobbies, jumping into work and working out to keep yourself free of anxiety will all present great ways that can help avoid the negative thoughts that might keep you down. Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are trying to move on through a tough breakup. It can be tough for many men to admit when they need assistance with a breakup, but don’t be afraid to seek the help of a friend or therapist if you find yourself in a rough spot after a harsh breakup. 

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