Dating Apps For Men

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Dating can be tricky for everyone, and men are no exception to this. While Barney Stinson might be a fun TV character, in reality using such cliche pick-up artist tactics will be incredibly creepy, and no one should follow in his footsteps. Confidence is appealing, but if you’re looking at a woman across the bar, you probably feel more like a spotty, awkward teenager than the suave, appealing man the ladies will want

Of course, women might not be your partner of choice at all, but with gay bars closed for the pandemic, it’s pretty difficult to find men to date, too. Add to this men who simply do not enjoy nights out in loud places and would rather spend their time in a more relaxed setting, and a demand appears that needs to be met.

It’s good to know then that in our day and age there are lots of places where you can meet people who’re looking for sex, flings or serious relationships. As an added bonus – to reach these places you don’t even have to leave your house! Here is a quick recap of some of the most prominent dating apps for men.


Tinder wasn’t the first dating app, but it did destigmatize it for a lot of people and introduce a whole generation to the concept of online dating. It’s been nearly a decade since Tinder launched, and it’s still one of the most successful and popular dating apps around, and its ‘swipe left’/’swipe right’ formula has been replicated many times. Let’s be clear, though:

Tinder is for casual dating: if you’re looking to settle down and start a family, this might not be the perfect fit for you. But if you’re into some casual fun, Tinder can be great. You can look through some profiles, chat with some people and meet up all in the same evening, and that’s pretty standard. There are options for men who date women, men who date men and men who date men and women, so you can find the right hookup for you.


This one is for those of us who prefer the company of men. Most dating apps can be used by MLMs (men who love men, not multi level marketing schemes), but some men prefer to use dating sites specifically designed for men who date other men. And Grindr is the biggest one out there. One online review of Grindr describes it as an ‘online pride parade’, used by men of all ages, ethnicities, interested in any kinks – basically, there’ll be someone on there who’s exactly your type.

Like Tinder (though Grindr technically came first) the people you get to match with are usually physically close to you, and you can see a photograph, bio and some information about them before you start talking.


It’s… probably best to keep kids away from this one, because you won’t be going on any child-friendly playdates. AdultFriendFinder is designed for causal relationships and it’s filled with sex-positive people who just want a night or two of fun. Or an afternoon, if you prefer.

When you sign up you’ll fill in an in-depth questionnaire to determine who the app should pair you up with, and then you can start viewing profiles and finding matches. Everyone on the app understands that this isn’t where they’ll meet their future spouse, and that actually takes the pressure off a lot, and allows you to relax and enjoy yourself. It is suitable for LBGT+ users as well as straight people. has been around for 26 years, and over that time they’ve helped set up thousands of now-married couples. Yes – it’s one of those sites that prioritises long-term relationships and marital bliss over a quick hookup, but sometimes that’s just what you’re looking for.

So if you’d like to settle down, buy a house and co-parent a dog, is a good place to start and could help you find the right person. The only issue? It’s… not great for the LGBT+ community. There aren’t options for non-binary people, and you can either choose to be matched to men or women, but not both.


Not everyone in the dating game is in their youth, and some of us looking for love might have a marriage(or two) in their past. SilverSingles is a dating app designed for the older generations, to help them find someone to spend their golden years with. When you’re registered you’ll be shown five matches per day, so you can spend time with each of them and look through their profiles: the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Like, there are options for gay and lesbian people, but it’s not good for bisexual or non-binary users.

It’s funny to think that before online dating people met at work (which can get messy) or in bars and clubs (not great for emotional connections) or by being introduced by friends and family (I can only speak for myself, but no WAY is my mum getting involved in my love life again at my age). With dating apps, you can cut through a lot of the confusion and mixed signals and get ready to find the right person for you – for one night, or for the rest of your life. Whichever you choose, have fun! 

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